Geluiden van de Zaag


The village that I live in, has a lot of talented artist. With a few of them we form some kind of collective, we call ourselves Stuw-Art, named to the bridge that connects our tiny, backdated town to the big world outside.

Every month we gather on the coolest place ever; a nostalgic old factory, hidden behind trees on a remote island, that reminds me of a pirates island; no rules and sovereignty . Every now and then, we exhibit there, sometimes we organize other events. These happenings are always inspiring.

Back in 2014, we had a exhibition going with the theme ” The magic of Air”.

In collaborance with Robert van Heumen, a brilliant sound composer, I worked on a movie clip. Robert recorded the sinister sounds of the present machines and transformed them in eerie and mesperizing sound scapes. I took the same machines and tools on film and edited them to match the rhythm and vibe.

Listen to more work of Robert on



The process of editing really got me going, so I decided the try an animation as well. I never really did that before, but I¬†absolutely enjoyed every second of making and I’m definitely going to make another one in future!

Since we are a collective, there was so much more art to discover of a bunch of talented artists. Hereby a few pics are included in order to give you an impression. Find out more about the other artists on



img_3300 Zaag 55 Robert van Heumen zaag55 Robert van Heumen Leo Jongenotter Locatie Therese Uytenborg en Sandra Blaauw locatie Nora van Krimpen Leo Jongenotter Nora van Krimpen Nora van Krimpen Marina Tramper

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