All right, so you need a little patience…..and you have to postpone a few launches ‘cause you have to move out your studio….AGAIN!

Designing is a laborious, non-profit, time consuming activity. Sometimes doubts raise in my mind, whether or not it’s worth all the effort. But then again, once the objects are visualized, I sometimes am astonished myself by their beauty, and believe it or not, I’m very critical on my work!

Last week we had a photoshoot of the “Not so random order” collection, after finishing 11 different models it’s time to show them to the public.

Marta made the pics, and she did an amazing job. What a pleasure it is to work with her! Reliable, responsible, creative and full of energy, driven to the bone. And last but not least, very winsome!

We worked the entire day but what turned out of that labour is awesome! I still need to select and edit about 1000 pics, but couldn’t wait to show the first results;

not so random order#3






close up







not so random order#1


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